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Serving Southeastern Michigan
Serving Southeastern Michigan

Lawyer in Allen Park Helping With Guardianship Cases for Minors

When the guardianship of a minor is in question, a court will typically become involved to determine who can act as guardian in a way that benefits the welfare of the minor. In circumstances such as the serious illness, incapacitation or death of the parents, various legal actions may occur. All-Legal-Solutions offers representation in cases like these for clients in the greater Allen Park area.

Types of Guardianships That Exist in Michigan

There are several different kinds of guardianship arrangements in Michigan:
  • Full guardian
  • Temporary guardian
  • Limited guardian
  • Guardian of incapacitated person
Each of these provides varying degrees of control to the guardian, and the legal requirements for each is different. If you are petitioning for any of these, a lawyer can help you navigate the complicated process.
Guardianship Cases - All Legal Solutions

We Can Also Help When the Guardian Selection Is Contested

In some cases, more than one person may be petitioning to become a minor or incapacitated person’s guardian. In cases of contested guardianships, you may need to fight to protect your loved one. A number of circumstances can lead to this point, but when you have to take legal action, enlisting an attorney to help is the best choice.

Fighting for Your Family & Your Rights in the Romulus & Southgate Areas

As a parent or family member of minors, you care about their future and the stability of their home. When this stability is compromised, resolving the issues as soon as possible is critical to the well-being of the child. All-Legal-Solutions can help you take control of a situation like this by offering the services of a guardianship attorney. We also provide power of attorney for our clients in Allen Park, Sumpter Township, Romulus, Wyandotte, Van Buren Township and Southgate. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 313-381-9000.