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Serving Southeastern Michigan
Serving Southeastern Michigan

Legal Help for Parenting Time in Southeastern Michigan

Child custody and parenting time are by far the most commonly disputed issues in a Michgian divorce cases. Many fathers and mothers are understandably desperate to protect their most important relationships and their influence over their kids. They often have radically different views of what custody arrangement is in the children's best interests.

An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Children As He Would For His Own

If you need strong, passionate legal representation to protect your children and parental rights, turn to All Legal Soutions. We are qualified to evaluate your unique situation and skillfully target the best possible custody outcome.

A Proven Track Record In Complex, Intensely Contested Custody Cases

All Legal Solutions can explain your custody options and guiding parents who can reach an agreement on a sole custody or joint custody settlement through the necessary legal steps. In all situations, we emphasize achieving a workable outcome and minimizing trauma and disruption for each child.


A party may wish to file a Paternity or Legitimization action to establish legal relationships between a father and his child.

In a paternity action, typically brought by the mother of the child, a paternity ruling will be made by the Judge after DNA testing establishes the identity of the father. Once that determination is made, the biological father can be required to pay child support.

A legitimization action is brought exclusively by the father to legitimize the child as an heir to the father. Legitimization is also the gateway for a biological father to gain custody and visitation rights.

All Legal Solutions has been representing both men and women in paternity and legitimization actions for over 35 years with the goal of doing what's in the best interest of the child and the parents.