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Serving Southeastern Michigan
Serving Southeastern Michigan

We Provide Power of Attorney Services for Our Allen Park Clients

Power of attorney is a privilege that may be necessary to grant in a number of circumstances. Its reach can vary, and it may be used for actions ranging from filing a tax return to taking over another person’s affairs. No matter what circumstances have led you to seek it out, however, you should consider involving an attorney from All-Legal-Solutions. We can make the process easier and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements to execute the arrangement.

Understand the Michigan-Specific Laws

Michigan Compiled Laws specify the legal provisions that must be met in order to establish power of attorney. Both parties in the agreement must be over the age of 18, and there should be two witnesses present when the contract is signed. All other terms and conditions are subject to the circumstances being negotiated, but the involvement of probate court is not required in Michigan.

Circumstances That May Necessitate Our Lawyer’s Assistance

Power of attorney can be established in a variety of circumstances. These are among the most common:
  • Filing tax returns
  • Setting up trusts
  • Accessing property and accounts
  • Pursuing legal action
There are many other situations where it may be necessary, too. In each of these cases, the party acting as attorney is empowered to take action on another’s behalf.
Provide Power of Attorney Services - All Legal Solutions

Legal Representation in the Southgate & Romulus Areas

Whether you are seeking to give or assume power of attorney, you can benefit from involving a lawyer to ensure the process is completed carefully and correctly. All-Legal-Solutions serves clients in areas such as Allen Park, Sumpter Township, Romulus, Wyandotte, Van Buren Township and Southgate. We also offer the services of a bankruptcy attorney. Reach out to us at 313-381-9000 for more information on how we can help.